Wizz Air Adds Two Flights to Romania from Central Italy- Travel Radar

Wizz Air has introduced two new routes from central Italy to Bucharest and Cluj Napoca. The move is extremely purposeful to the cultural and economic development of the regions associated.

Wizz Air’s New Routes

From the 13th and 14th of December, respectively, Wizz Air will work the flights from Bucharest to Ancona and Perugia to Cluj Napoca. The two flights will be 1 hour and 40 minutes in length, working on Tuesdays and Saturdays. The flights will most probable be operated with the newest Airbus A321NEO.

The move has been cheered by Perugia’s Director of Airport Operation, Umberto Solimero, and by the president of Marche, Francesco Acquaroli.

But why has Wizzair decided to connect these types of tiny regional airports to Romania, and what is the motive driving this move?

Perugia airport ad for Wizz Air's newest route
The announcement of Wizz Air has brought a great deal exhilaration © Aeroporti dell’Umbria

How Wizz Air will enable area minorities and tourism

To begin this examination, we have to know two points, there are 1.8 million people in Italy that migrated from Romania and Albania. People minorities are the largest types in Italy, producing up 50% of overall migrants, who also are likely to be the most proven and wealthiest. And they all will need a link to their homelands.

For the infamous Albanian minority, each Ancona and Perugia employed to work 3 flights a working day to Tirana, just before the pandemic reduced it to 2. Albawings and Ryanair utilized to be the primary frontrunners of this level of competition before Wizz Air also started out to fly the Perugia to Tirana and Ancona to Tirana routes as very well.

Now, Wizz Air has begun to know that the demand from customers from the enormous Romanian community to join them to their ţară (homeland) is not to be ignored.

Newest cabin ©Wizz Air
The newest cabin for the A321NEO © Wizz Air

There are a lot of Romanians that vacation each individual day to central Italy to function, meet up with their family members, come for a holiday break and to study.  As Romania grows as a nation, thanks to the air hyperlinks from/to other nations, Italians are also now offered a opportunity to take a look at Romania, the commence of a potent bond involving the two countries. Aviation-intelligent, there are a lot more than 50 routes now amongst the 2 nations.

Closing remarks for Wizz Air’s New Routes

From a cultural and sociological standpoint, the new routes not only advantage Wizz Air’s income stream but also advantage the connection and knowing between the two sister cultures and favour integration. Observing this phenomenon unfold, helps make us question, as soon as African communities come to be wealthier and much more integrated, will we see an improve in flights to African nations (from regional airports) in the identical way now we see flights in between Western Europe and the nations of the former Soviet Union?

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