Who Is The Oldest Cast Member?

The ‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’ cast is back at it again for a second go in Las Vegas, but just how old is the cast now, and who’s the oldest?

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation always brings the drama! During tonight’s episode, fans were able to see the aftermath of Deena Cortese’s and Angelina Pivarnick’s convo, where they finally buried the hatchet. While Deener and Angeliner may be on better terms, the newlywed still has unresolved issues with both Jenni and former cast member, Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi, who left the show last season after the wedding finale fiasco.

With Jenni heading over to Vegas, Angelina is now met with a lot of pent up problems between the two that have stemmed from way back during the original series in 2009. The cast has now been at this for a whopping 11 years, and while there was a break in between, the Jersey Shore spirit never faded.

As the cast has gotten older, it seems as if the drama has remained the same! Luckily, the gang has matured over the years, certainly some more than others, that is. While we knew the cast as a group of “20-somethings” back in the day, just how old are they now, and who is the oldest?

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Who Is The Oldest ‘Jersey Shore’ Cast Member?

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Jersey Shore: Family Vacation brought the drama like it always does! As Jenni joins the rest of the cast in Las Vegas, it seems as if she may not arrive with a smile on her face. The stat revealed that she would not be interested in coming down to Vegas if fellow castmates, Deena and Angelina had made up. Well, after last week’s conversation between the two, it appears as if Jwoww may not be too happy.

The issues between Angelina and Jenni have been ongoing since the start of the show back in 2009! Pivarnick revealed in her confessional tonight that she is exhausted from all the back and forth the two have had over the past 11 years, making just about every viewer realize just how long MTV’s Jersey Shore has been a hot topic. After starting out over a decade ago, fans have really witnessed the cast grow and mature right before their eyes.

Considering all the craziness the cast would get up to during their glory days back in Seaside Heights, it appears as if they have taken a more toned-down approach when it comes to their version of a good time today. As the cast has certainly matured, fans are curious as to who the oldest of the bunch is, and well, it’s Pauly D! The DJ was 29 when he started on the show and is now 40-years-old. Although Mike Sorrentino is only 2 years Pauly’s junior, it’s DelVecchio that reached the big 4-0 milestone before anyone else.

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While we know Pauly D had an insanely successful career following the first MTV series as a DJ, one thing fans may not know is that Pauly also had a child! While he hasn’t been linked to many women throughout his career, Pauly allegedly had a one night stand that resulted in the birth of his beautiful baby girl, Annabella Markert. Although Pauly and the mother of his daughter, Amanda Markert, never dated, the two remain on good terms, especially for the sake of their daughter.

The star is currently dating Nikki Hall, a model and influencer who Pauly met during the filming of his spin-off, Shot At Love. Pauly D revealed that things are getting pretty serious between the two, so much that Hall has even met his 7-year-old girl.

It’s become clear that the star has certainly grown since his OG days, however, one thing that always stood true about Pauly was his maturity, and considering he was the oldest in the house, and 7 years older than bestie, Vinny Guadagnino, it appears to all add up now!

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