What to Expect About the Cost of a Tourist Visa for Australia

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The cost of the Australian tourist visa can vary depending on different factors, and immigration consultant India gives you the best information if you are in India, they will guide you about a tourist visa for Australia from india cost. They will give you wise decisions regarding visas. In this blog post, we will examine what to expect regarding the expenses included.

Types of Australian Tourist Visas

Visitor (subclass 651)

  • Free visa for citizens
  • Generally valid up to 3 months per visit within 12 month period

Visitor (subclass 600)

  • Relying on the stream you select
  • The number of streams involves the tourism stream, sponsored family stream and business visitor stream.

Cost Factors for Australian Tourist Visas

Different factors can impact the cost of an Australian tourist visa. here are some main points to consider

Visa Type

The cost can be different depending on the particular visa subclass and stream you choose. For instance, subclass 600 has different fees for various streams, with the tourist stream usually being most common for exciting travelers

Applicant’s Age

The age of the applicant can influence the cost. For example, kids under 18 may have a reduced visa charge compared to adults.

Visa Duration

The duration of your stay in Australia also influences the cost. Some visas, for instance, subclass 600 visas, give various options for the stay duration, like 3 months and 6 months.

Multiple Entries

If you need a visa that permits entry into Australia within a particular period, the cost may be greater than for the single-entry visa

Expedited Processing

If you require your visa application to be processed quickly, you may have the option to pay a higher fee for the priority processing.

Common Visa Costs

The visa cost can change over time due to government terms; here are some visa costs.

Visitor (subclass 651)

  • It is a free application for passport holders from nations, for example, European Union member states, the United Kingdom, and several other countries.

Visitor visa subclass 600

  • The Visa application form is different, ranging from $135 to $365 according to your stay in Australia, and you can stay in Australia for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months.

If apply from Australia

  • For a 12-month stay, the cost of a Visitor Visa (Subclass 600) is $365AUD within 26 days of paper working time.
  • With this visa, you can visit with family and friends, meet health requirements, and have sufficient travel funds.

If Apply outside Australia

You can stay for 3, 6, or 12 months. The visa cost is $145, processing time is 26 days.

Sponsored Family system

The cost for this stream can vary, but it generally falls in the range of AUD 145 to AUD 365 for a 3-month, 6-month or 12-month stay. The processing time will be 55 days.

 Frequent travel stream

Frequent travel stream cost is $ 1065. You can stay up to 3 months. Generally, applications are granted within 15 days.




When deciding to go to Australia, knowing all the costs of the tourist is the important thing in your budget process. While the visa fee can rely on different factors like visa types, duration and applicant age, it is important to have a transparent understanding of the current charges and needs before applying. Remember that visa charges are non-refundable, so taking the time to prepare a full and reliable application is important. With proper scheduling and budgeting, you can enjoy your journey in sound Australia while meeting all your visa needs. Make sure to check the latest visa prices and needs on the website of the Australian government services.