The Kitchen Gadget So Many Home Chefs Are Afraid Of

Food Network’s TikTok recently shared a post of Chef Jet Tila revealing what he thinks is the scariest kitchen accouterment. Tila utters, “Show this to a chef to really send a chill down his spine,” as the camera pans on a reluctant hand slicing an apple with a — wait for it– mandoline. Yes, this plane-like cutting utensil does look like an accident waiting to happen and commenters agree. With replies like “every chef has the scar,” “this makes me nauseated,” and several confessing to having sliced their digits with this unforgiving gadget, it seems that the mandoline has earned its reputation as a very scary article. 

MyRecipes agrees, giving the mandoline the top spot on their Six Most Dangerous Kitchen Tools list, saying, “Don’t buy one. Don’t accept one if offered.” Bravo TV concurs, explaining that its insanely sharp blade “can easily slice through your hand.” And many Redditors have learned a cooking lesson the hard way when it comes to this gadget. 

You’ve likely seen these evil-looking contraptions on the occasional cooking show, so it may come as a surprise to learn that many chefs prefer to give these flesh-gashers a wide berth. How do these TV people use it so expertly without losing a chunk of themselves?