Most Unique Places to Staycation in Singapore

Living your life in Singapore every day with all the busy life can be so stressful. Sometimes, you need to take a rest for a moment. There are so many options that you can do to get out of the busy work, like a holiday to somewhere for enjoyment, or just take your day off at home. But, you can do both by staycation in Singapore because there are so many good hotel in the city.

You can get yourself a best staycation hotel by booking the best hotels in Singapore. From the cheap one to the most expensive, Singapore varies many hotel options. But, it can be boring if you just look for a staycation room by the price. This article will bring you some hotels that give you unique activities with experiences that you can enjoy. Here you go.

  1. Resorts World Sentosa

Want to feel and look at how to sleep under the sea? You can book one to two nights staycation at Resorts World Sentosa. Go to the Ocean Suites room and you can see an underwater view of thousands of sea creatures in front of your eyes. It is like you become a sea-dweller or live in a submarine.

Beside the unique experience, you can also get yourself a common hotel room in Resorts World Sentosa for your best staycation ever because of their excellent services.

  1. Glamping staycation at the Zoo

Dreaming of how we would feel if we lived with wildlife, just go for a glamping in Singapore best wild attraction, Singapore Zoo. You can go for best wildlife staycation by staying the night on the dome tents at Pavilion. Likes other glamping, you’ll get the best including beds up to four people, breakfast and dinner at outdoor restaurant, and the wildlife decorations.

For the full holiday package with the unique staycation experience, go take the Singapore Zoo tour with its best guide, animal exhibit, and hilarious shows that can be held eventually.

  1. Space Living at Boat Quay

Ever wondered what it feels like to live at NASA spaceship? You can get the experience Space Pod Boat Quay. These capsule hotels will bring you a space-themed pods to rest and relax over the night. You can also get some cool features on the pods, like the spacecraft decoration with a personal locker to save your luggage.

The best things to accompany you in this pod are a free high speed Wi-Fi with their decent complimentary breakfast.

  1. Fantastic Live at Yacht

In Singapore, you can get yourself a hotel that offers you the unusual experiences on how to live on a yacht. You can spend the night on a moving yacht with your beloved people, where you guys can fulfill your leisure in the water. Yes, you can go island-hopping, swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking. 

One thing to do besides all the water activities is don’t forget to enjoy the dinner on the yacht. You can feel the wind and your delicious food within the sound of the sea before go to sleep. But, don’t wake up late, or you will miss how beautiful the look of sunrise looks on the sea.

That’s all the unique staycation experiences you can get in Singapore. Before you decide which place you want to go to, I got you some tips for hotel booking.

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