How to manage kids’ gadget use: Doug, Chesca Kramer share tips

MANILA, Philippines — The parenting pair of internet sensation Team Kramer, Doug and Chesca, appeared on an episode of “Slam Book” with to share some tips on monitoring the digital activities of children.

During the recent launch of Instagram Parents Guide with Instagram Asia-Pacific Head of Public Policy  Philip Chua, Doug and Chesca were asked in particular how they are able to look after the safety of their kids on the Internet.

Doug said that they make time for whatever engagement their children get into, and that includes the time they spend on gadgets. The best advice for him is to personally engage them about their gadget usage, which Chesca added on by saying, “to set boundaries.”

An example of this is that during weekdays, phones must be surrended although at 6 p.m. they are given back in order to be able to reply to any messages, which shouldn’t take more than an hour.

Chesca doesn’t interfere as much with gadget time during the weekend because she knows her children are responsible enough and will not break her trust for those days.

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Doug offered his gratitude that some social media platforms have implemented parenting guides which are very helpful to parents who aren’t Internet-savvy. “It’s a good way to have a basis or checklist on how they can approach their children,” Chesca added.

Cheska reiterated the need to invest in relationships with children so that in turn, kids wil invest in time and the relationship with their parents.

“[It’s] more than looking for validation, confirmation, or company elsewhere. Know the things they are interested in, be involved,” she expounded.

Doug also said it’s important to tell children not to focus on online engagement and views, “If you don’t tell them that, they might compare themselves to others… a lot of things may come into play.”

The couple ended by saying that parents themselves should set an example for their children when it comes to Internet usage and engagement, especially as kids look up to them for proper practices online.

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