Holiday Wi-Fi networks could lead to some vulnerabilities

Q: We came to Destin, and have been applying Wi-Fi from a apartment building (every apartment unit has very own router, all have exact same password). My hubby recognized another person “took above” his personal computer, visited distinct internet websites, and so forth. We really saw the cursor move, etc. My spouse hooked up with a VPN, and imagined we had solved the issue, but it transpired yet again currently. Any suggestions? How do we get rid of this “hacker?”

Barbara V., Destin

A: Wow, Barbara! To essentially witness an attack in progress should have been not comfortable, to say the the very least. But the truth that you in fact saw the exercise on your screen — including the motion of your mouse cursor — is somewhat telling in this circumstance. I’ll get there, but I want to describe a couple of things so that all my other viewers comprehend what we’re chatting about.