All Points’ Chief Development Officer Steve Lloyd and Father Paul Speak on Life in Space Industry

Ushering in the Next Generation of Space Travel

ABOVE VIDEO: Friday Night Locker Room’s Orville Susong sits down with All Points Chief Development Officer Steve Lloyd and his father, retired Aerospace Engineer Paul Lloyd.

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – All Points’ Chief Development Officer Steve Lloyd and his father, retired aerospace engineer Paul Lloyd stopped by the Mike Erdman Cadillac Space Coast Daily TV Studios to discuss the history, and future, of the space industry.

You could say that All Points’ chief development officer Steve Lloyd has a genetic predisposition to the Space Coast and its cutting-edge technology, thanks to his father, Paul, who was so enamored at the opportunity to work in the business of space flight that he relocated his family to the area as soon as he could.

“He wanted to be involved with the space program, so he moved the family to Titusville, Florida, in the 1960s,” said Steve Lloyd, a space fan who appropriately attended Astronaut High School on the Space Coast.

“Some of my earliest memories were of our family watching the Apollo launches from the shores of the Indian River in Titusville, the most memorable being the night launches. Even after supporting over 75 Shuttle launches, the memories of the Saturn rocket’s sheer power sticks with me.”

The elder Lloyd, now 92, continues to keep a keen eye in space.

“He is a real space nut,” said his son. “We talk every day and he quizzes me on what is going on in the industry, and I also often call him just to keep up with what is happening, because often he knows more than I do.”

All Points is based on Florida’s Space Coast in Merritt Island and operates offices in Reston, Virginia; Houston, Texas; and Huntsville, Alabama.

The company expanded its Huntsville office, located at Cummings Research Park, one of the world’s leading science and technology business parks. The addition of 12,000 square feet to the office was necessitated by All Points’ explosive growth.

THREE GENERATIONS of the Lloyd family, including left to right, Steve, Paul and Corey, under the Space Shuttle Atlantis in the Orbiter Processing Facility at Kennedy Space Center. At far right is Lloyd family friend Andrew Renzetti.


Steve and the rest of the All Points team will be significantly enhancing the legacy of Apollo II as the Artemis Project gears up for the Lunar Gateway and beyond.

Paul Lloyd helped to make the dream of the original lunar landing a reality through his efforts at Kennedy Space Center, where he served as an electrician in many critical aspects of the Apollo program and had a front-row seat to all of its history.

Snapped up by Pan American in 1968, Paul Lloyd snagged the enviable job of living in the Caribbean island of Antigua while he worked on the Apollo tracking and relay stations developed there.

After his stint in Antigua, Paul was back at KSC, where his duties included work at iconic Pad 39A.

“It was very exciting, but a lot of work and hours and hours of overtime work, because after every launch, we would have to immediately start preparing for the next one,” he explained.

After Apollo segued into the Space Shuttle Program, Paul was there too. In fact, only a heart attack was able to sideline him from being part of the program through its final days.

As the Space Coast navigated through the trials and tribulations, highs and lows of space program life-cycles such as Apollo and Space Shuttle, the communities were exposed to significant impacts associated with space worker layoffs.

The Lloyds, not unlike many other families, due to their passion for the industry chose to endure the dynamic impacts and continued to stay committed.

PAUL LLOYD with his grandson Corey in front of the huge Crawler that transported both the Apollo rockets and Space Shuttles to the pad at KSC.


For seven or eight years, the two Lloyds would often cross paths at KSC.

“He was all over the Space Center because he was involved in so many critical components, including the white room, the area where the astronauts enter the capsule, so it was common for us to meet at work,” said Steve.

The elder Lloyd could not be more delighted that his son chose the space industry as a career path.
“I am absolutely happy he followed me,” he said.

After earning his degree in electrical engineering from the University of Central Florida, Steve took off to do seismic exploration for oil around the world. After years of globetrotting, he decided he wanted to get back to his roots.

“I finally got wise enough to realize that a lot of the rest of the world can’t compare to the Space Coast, and I got back here,” he said.

He worked for Lockheed Martin and United Space Alliance with duties that included managing navigation systems at emergency landing sites around the world and the computer and instrumentation systems on the shuttle fleet.

Steve was deeply involved in the closeout of the Shuttle program which included the disposition of assets and facilities, and helping realign the workforce to support the future.

“It was a bittersweet time because it was very sad to see it shut down, but we were preparing for the next chapter,” he said.


In 2012, near the end of his tenure with United Space Alliance, Steve began consulting with All Points, until they made him an offer he could not refuse.

“I left United Space Alliance one day and started at All Points the next,” he said. “For me, it was the beginning of the next chapter.”

He now is in charge of strategic planning and advance program oversight for All Points, which has a portfolio of contracts that are 80 percent space related, including the Orion, SLS, International Space Station, and Exploration Ground Systems at KSC.

“We are supporting to some degree or another every human space flight program, a fact that the All Points team is very proud of!” said Steve.

“I don’t know of any other company that can make that claim.”

PHIL MONKRESS is President and Chief Executive Officer of Space Coast-based All Points. He drives the company’s strategic and financial direction as head of All Point’s Executive Leadership Team and a leader in providing best-in-class products, services, and solutions to the Government and commercial marketplace.


All Points has earned high kudos for its delivery of systems engineering and technical services, information technology, program management support, warfighter and mission support and life-cycle logistics for a variety of critical government projects.

All Points contracts directly with government entities and also serves as a trusted subcontractor for tech giants such as Boeing, Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin.

A company can be only as good as the people behind it, and All Points depends on its excellent staff for its achievements.

All Points Chief Operating Officer Tom Niemeyer

“We’ve assembled a team of seasoned professionals who share the same vision,” said All Points President and Chief Executive Officer Phil Monkress.

“It’s a culture of excellence.”

Monkress drives the company’s strategic and financial direction as head of All Point’s Executive Leadership Team and a leader in providing best-in-class products, services, and solutions to the Government and commercial marketplace.

All Points’ administrative team includes chief operating officer Tom Niemeyer, who has extensive experience with NASA and Air Force contracts and is a recipient of the NASA Public Service Medal.

Niemeyer earned a bachelor of science in aerospace engineering from the University of Florida, a master of science in industrial engineering from the University of Central Florida and a master of business administration from Florida Institute of Technology.

Kevin Brown, senior vice president of business development, has been a space industry business leader responsible for strategic planning and capture of new business opportunities associated with NASA, the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Navy for the past 30 years.

All points Chief Human Resource Officer Robyn Smith

His resume includes serving as senior associate with Booz Allen Hamilton, where he managed the prestigious firm’s business portfolio at NASA’s John F. Kennedy Space Center and Patrick Air Force Base, including support to NASA’s Commercial Crew, Constellation, and International Space Station programs.

He received his B.S. in computer science from the University of Louisiana-Lafayette in 1983 and M.S. in engineering management from the University of Central Florida in 1996.

Chief human resource officer Robyn Smith also has extensive experience with driving growth, talent acquisition and strategic planning.

All Points Chief Engineer and Senior Vice President Steven Lloyd.

She holds Senior Professional Human Resource (SPHR) certification and earned her master’s degree in business administration from Brenau University.

As chief engineer and senior vice president, Steven Lloyd’s responsibilities includes leadership and oversight of the company’s portfolio of contracts.

Prior to joining All Points in 2012, Lloyd spent 25 years working extensively on the NASA Space Shuttle Program at Kennedy Space Center. He holds a bachelor of science in engineering from the University of Central Florida.

Ben Farrah serves as the Chief Financial Officer of All Points.

Ben Farrah serves as the Chief Financial Officer and a member of the Executive Leadership Team.

In his role, he serves as a Senior Adviser for Finance and Business Strategy to the Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for all accounting, finance, and contracts operations.

Farrah is a Certified Public Accountant with over 30 years of government contracting experience. Prior to joining All Points, Ben served as CFO for Information International Associates.

He also spent 13 years as Senior Vice President and CFO at International Resources Group, an Engility company, as well as, an auditor with the Defense Contract Audit Agency.

Farrah received a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Christopher Newport College in Newport News, Virginia, and a Master of Taxation degree from George Washington University in Washington, DC. He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Accountants and is a Chartered Global Management Accountant.


All Points’ staff has been indefatigable in achieving certifications of excellence.

“We’ve put a great deal of work into achieving and maintaining our AS9100D and ISO9001:2015 certifications, as well as our appraisal at CMMI Maturity Level 3 for Software Development,” said Floeter.

“By following quality processes and procedures across all our programs and projects, we ensure our customers’ requirements are not only met but exceeded. I’ve never worked with a group of people with more drive and determination and a competitive team spirit that pushes us towards excellence. Put those qualities together and you’ve got a winning combination, and that’s All Points.”

For more information, contact All Points Chief Operating Officer Tom Niemeyer at [email protected]

IN ADDITION TO its Merritt Island, Florida headquarters, All Points has offices in Reston, Virginia; Houston, Texas; and Huntsville, Alabama.