After 2020, never get vacation for granted

Under no circumstances in my seven many years on this planet have I been by way of a yr like 2020, and, if you transpire to recall the 60’s and 70’s, that is declaring a whole lot!  We have all been strike hard in also a lot of means to depend. It will make me hope the Buddha bought it ideal when he said:

“Every little thing that has a starting has an ending.

Make your peace with that and all will be nicely.”

If there is just one lesson I acquired from 2020, it is to in no way acquire the gift of vacation for granted.  The pandemic created me know vacation is a privilege — not a appropriate — and, as this kind of, it can  be taken away at any time.

Because journey is this sort of a major component of what Rob and I do to stay our best life, currently being shut out by the planet has been a huge reduction for us. When we assume about  the issues we hope to see and do, time is truly not on our facet. At our age, time is too cherished to waste, and we have now lost a 12 months due to the pandemic.