There are many great places to visit in the United States that all have different things to offer, but California is a place that has appeared to capture the hearts and imaginations of people all over the world. Not only is it home to glamourous Hollywood, but this state also has great weather and many areas of natural beauty, making it ideal for those who enjoy adventures in the great outdoors. If you have been thinking about visiting California for your next vacation, but aren’t sure where to go during your trip, here are 4 suggestions that might help you feel inspired.

  1. Los Angeles

Hollywood has been previously mentioned, and it is certainly one of the bigger draws to California for tourists as people want to see where all the movie magic happens. However, while this is an exciting part of LA, there is more to do in this vibrant city than spot celebrities or stroll along the Walk of Fame. There are also lovely beaches to explore (Santa Monica Pier is particularly great for families with kids who will love the rides at Pacific Park!) You can also hike through Griffith Park and catch a show at the planetarium or go a bit further afield to Topanga State Park for more trails and breathtaking views. Yes, there is a wealth of things to do in Los Angeles that perfectly combine the glamor of the silver screen and entertainment industry with adventure and culture.

  1. San Francisco

A famous city in Northern California, San Francisco is a must-see place if you are going to spend some time in this area. You can look out across the bay and marvel at the Golden Gate Bridge or visit the haunting and historic Alcatraz Island (a must for true crime fans). The streets of San Francisco are famous too for their steep incline and cute Victorian homes, and riding on the vintage cable cars is a lovely way to get around and take in the sights. 

  1. Yosemite National Park

If you are someone who loves spending time in nature, then you will likely have already planned to spend some time in Yosemite when you do visit the Golden State. This is the perfect place to take a break from the bustling cities, and there are plenty of nice hotels you can stay in or choose a campsite if you want a more rugged experience. You could spend a few days hiking the trails and exploring the area, so whether you are planning to visit just for one night or for the majority of your trip, you certainly don’t want to miss out on this beautiful place.

  1. Big Sur

A lot of visitors choose to drive along the coast when they come to California, and it’s easy to see why. These views are fantastic and there is something almost magical about the experience as you look out to the ocean and feel the wind in your hair when you cruise along the highway. Big Sur is a great place to stop and see in central California, and it’s famous for its stunning beaches with mountains towering around the area. It’s another excellent place to visit for those who appreciate the beauty of nature and would love a stroll along a quiet beach as they marvel at their surroundings.

If you are planning a trip to California anytime soon, there are many excellent places you should try to fit into your itinerary – but these 4 are all ones that must be on your list!